The final round of admission for IBDP XI(Eleven) 2023-24 is now open. There are only a few seats remaining. Click here

IB Team

Message from the IB Head

Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.

- Emily Dickinson

Opportunity is everywhere, you just need to have a good eyesight and the grit to seize every opportunity that comes your way. You never know which opportunity will take you on the path which leads to your goals.

At Smt. Sulochnadevi Singhania IB World School (DP), our aim is to provide every student a platter full of experiences, each of which is an opportunity, provided you seize it. In sync with the IB mission we work towards facilitating our cohort to develop into inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better world. We aim to harness the potential of every student by combining academic rigour with creative opportunities. We strongly believe that the school can work synergistically with the students and parents towards this vision of the IBDP at Singhania School.

As the school moves towards its fifth year as an IB World school I look forward to a fulfilling interaction with the entire IBDP community as we dream big and aim high.

Warm regards,
Sangeeta Kapur
IB Head and Diploma Program Coordinator

The Team IB

Name Profile

Mrs Leena George

Extended essay Coordinator, Chemistry facilitator

Ms Divya Singh

CAS Coordinator and Hindi Facilitator

Mrs Nirmala Kalyanaraman

Physics Facilitator, CAS Advisor

Mrs Sandhya Saraswat

Economics Facilitator, CAS Advisor, ATL Coordinator

Mrs Bharathi Pola

Mathematics Facilitator, TOK Advisor

Dr Ketki Gadre

TOK Coordinator, Psychology Facilitator, Mental Health Wellbeing Incharge.

Mr Agnelo Olakkengil

Mathematics Facilitator, CAS Advisor

Dr Ashish Upadhyay

Biology and ESS Facilitator, CAS Advisor

Mrs Sarita Banarase

French Facilitator, CAS Advisor

Mrs Mansi Sawant

English Facilitator

Ms Netra Ramakanthan

Spanish Facilitator, TOK Advisor

Mrs Sujata Kulkarni

Visual Art Facilitator, CAS Advisor

Ms Nilka Gandhi

Business Management Facilitator, CAS Advisor

Ms Swati Sharan

English Facilitator, CAS Advisor

Ms Ketaki Bhate

Computer Science Facilitator, CAS Advisor

Ms Najmunissan Khan

IBDP Librarian, CAS Advisor


    The final round of admission for IBDP XI(Eleven) 2023-24 is now open. There are only a few seats remaining. Click here