Singhania IBDP

TOK Exhbition

May 13, 2021
“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” - Aldous Huxley The Theory of Knowledge department of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania school’s IBDP section, conducted their first ever virtual TOK exhibition- ‘Concord’ on 13th May. The first-year students showcased their understanding of the subject by demonstrating how TOK concepts manifest in the real world. The audience consisted of the students, their parents and the teachers. The students had based their exhibition on one of the TOK themes (either the core theme or one of the optional themes). They had selected three objects which were all linked to one IA prompt. Each presentation was unique, and the objects chosen by students were diverse and gripping. It was a rewarding experience for the students, which also enhanced their critical thinking, research and communication skills. They got to reflect, and were encouraged to have an open-minded approach to every question that they tackled. The exhibition turned out to be an engaging session which left the audience questioning their own understanding of knowledge. The success of the event was evident in the takeaways and learnings expressed by the parents.

Student Reflections:

The TOK exhibition was a diverse amalgamation of perspectives. While working for the exhibition was difficult, I think the experience of the exhibition itself was enriching. We analyzed everything under the sun- from biases to perceptions, from religion to politics. The diversity was enhanced by the sheer range of objects, each reflecting a personal reasoning and affinity- from art pieces to Gandhi's salt march, all used as examples to explore to a greater depth, the concepts of truth, evidence, perception and bias. The TOK exhibition certainly gave us an analytical edge. - Anuj Shetty

The target of this exhibition was to blend the original ideas of every student with the TOK concepts, and every presentation hit the bull’s eye. The themes and core values of TOK stood out brilliantly in each student’s presentation, they went hand in hand with personal connections and perspectives. Not only did the students provide an astounding amount of knowledge in just a few minutes, they also managed to capture the essence of their respective themes and establish its connection with the prompts and their chosen objects. Each object was unique, be it a book or the theory of relativity itself, each of them when paired with the student’s incredible effort and ideas, blew the audience’s mind. All in all, the TOK exhibition made sure that everyone’s ideas were heard and understood, fuelled by the efforts of both the students and the teachers, it proved to be a hit. - Tvesa Medh

It wasn't easy to work on our TOK commentaries but we all managed to pull it off beautifully. The TOK exhibition embodies all our hard work, perseverance, dedication, and how much we have progressed as IB students. -Advika Iyer

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