Singhania IBDP


Oct 28, 2021

Hands-on learning experiences through seminars and workshops are a vital part of our learning culture here at Singhania IBDP. We, the students of DP year 1 and 2, had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in one such online workshop under the aegis of ISBF and LSE called PLAYNOMICS. Held on October 28th, the workshop taught us basic but important concepts in economics and finance by means of fun, interactive games.

The first game titled “Win-Win”simulated international trade and taught us about specialization, resource allocation and management, and the practical applications of the demand side economics we learn at school. This game requires a lot of coordination and time-management. It was an exciting experience, bolstered by our enthusiasm to win.

The second game titled “Bulls and Bears” simulated the stock market and taught us about intra-day trading, herd mentality behind markets, and Investing based on company fundamentals and changes in the market. This game requires a lot of coordination and delegation as we had to respond quickly to changes in the market to maximize profits. This game taught us the importance of investing wisely- an important life and economics lesson.