Singhania IBDP

Language Collaboration Activity.

Feb 25, 2021

The IBDP promotes collaboration across subject groups for the overall growth of the learners. This collaborative process supports the transdisciplinary nature of the curriculum. As the International Baccalaureate is also committed to supporting multilingualism to increase intercultural understanding and international- mindedness, the IBDP department organized an activity which promoted collaboration of four languages.

The Group 1 & 2 collaborative activity was an event that incorporated and mixed English and the 3 second languages (Hindi, French and Spanish) offered in the school. Over the course of the event, multiple students connected these various languages in numerous ways, be it through poems, skits or even a quiz.

A group of students prepared a video of themselves singing a single song in the 4 different languages. Another group had translated a short English skit beforehand into Hindi, and performed the said script live during the event. A duo translated numerous Spanish poems and lines into English to point out and demonstrate the faults in Google Translate. Several common English idioms were chosen by a group and then translated into Spanish, French and Hindi. Lastly, a Kahoot quiz was conducted, wherein the audience had to guess the translations of various famous, handpicked movie lines. This collaborative learning experience also turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable for the students.


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