Singhania IBDP

Lamp lighting ceremony

Mar 31, 2022

Following the tradition of the school, the lamp lighting ceremony was conducted for the IBDP class of 2022 on 31st March. Gopal van resounded with positivity and a divine hum as students, parents and teachers all prayed together for the DP 2 students as they began the last leg of their IBDP journey and got ready to prepare for the final Diploma Examinations beginning on the 28th of April. Director Education and Principal Mrs Revathi Srinivasan blessed the students and gave them some very valuable advice on how to use their time productively. The Vice Principal's, Section Heads and Coordinators along with all the IB faculty lit the lamps of the students and gave them their blessings.

The soulful music and a dance performance by the DP 1 students in the background made the morning even more divine. We wish the students all the very best for their final Diploma Examination.


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