Singhania IBDP

Visit to The Parliament House, New Delhi

Dec 17, 2018
It was indeed a colossal task to seek all necessary permissions for the entry of the IB and ISC students into the most secure and high profile Building of India – Sansad Bhavan ( The Parliament House). But the enthusiasm of the students to attend the Winter Sessions combined with a short sightseeing around Delhi was worth it. On 17th December 2018, the students, on reaching Delhi had a panaromic view of the most famous places before they visited the great architectural marvel – Qutubminar. Its spectacular beauty in the evening could not elude the visitors. After this, the students proceeded to the ‘Dilli Haat’ for some shopping and tasty cuisine experience. The next day, the most awaited one, the students all prim and proper in their School uniform, were all excited to attend the live Winter sessions of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the public galleries. The school had exchanged multiple mails and telephonic calls to get all necessary consents for the same. On reaching The Parliament Museum, where all the reporting formalities were being done, the students and the accompanying teachers were in for a great disappointment when they learnt that the proceedings of both the Houses were adjourned till the next day. But this dismay turned into an elevated surprise, when the sitting MP (LokSabha) from the Thane constituency, Mr Rajan Vichare, arranged for the necessary approvals to allow the Sulonians, a leisurely entry into the LS and RS galleries. Through numerous security check-ins, the Students and Teachers were chaperoned by the person in charge of Security, who shared insightful information about the proceedings of both Houses and clarified all queries of the students. As a bonus surprise, the students were taken to the Central Hall, where joint sessions of the two Houses are held and all major bills have been passed and implemented. The students were awestruck by the hospitality extended by Mr Vichareji, his Personal Secretary, the Marshall and the security personnel. The wonderful Parliament experience culminated into delightful memories, when the students walked into the amazing Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon to enjoy a high energy-packed musical play in the evening. The last day of the trip ended with a visit to the most mesmerizing Akshardham temple in the morning, where the students had animated glimpses into the life stories of Swami Narayan in different exhibition halls as well as enjoyed an indoor cultural boat ride which enlightened them about our rich ancient Indian inventions and contributions in various fields. This short visit ensured quality time and lifetime memories for the students of both the IB and ISC Sections.

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