Singhania IBDP

National Science Day

Feb 28, 2017
The National Science Day is celebrated every year to mark the discovery of Sir. C. V. Raman. The theme for this year was “Science and technology for the Specially Abled”. The students of the IBDP celebrated the Science Day commencing with the grand ball of subjects featuring Sir Physics, Madam Chemistry and Sir Biology, each proclaiming its own importance. Their rising banter was put to rest with the reminder that all the disciplines have always worked for the benefit of Mankind. This was followed by a futuristic play, an activity on DNA extraction, a standup comedy, a presentation and a computer model revolving around the theme. The celebrations ended with the food where the students as well as the guests relished on the Nachos, Brownies and the Amoeba and cell shaped cakes baked and sold by the students.

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