Singhania IBDP

Mathletics Intra School Event

Dec 22, 2020
Mathematics is a beautiful and immensely practical subject. Its a sense of rhythm in a seemingly senseless life, it is a knack for patterns, relationships, and logical connections. It is an entirely new way to see the world. 22nd December marks the 133rd birth anniversary of the renowned mathematician Srinavasa Ramanujan, who despite having no formal training in mathematics, is known today as one of the Greatest Mathematicians of India. The IBDP section made a humble, yet heartfelt attempt to celebrate the field of mathematics in his memory, a homage to his game changing contributions and largely inspiring life, by organising MATHLETICS on 22nd December 2020. A mixed bag of events marked the Maths Fest which was an intra school event with students from ICSE Grade 9&10, ISC and IB participating in the Debate aptly titled COSYNOT and the quiz, MATHOPEDIA. The topic of the debate was a thought provoking one - Does intuition help us in making mathematical assumptions? The IBDP students added a touch of entertainment and humour by recording a skit, ACUTE DRAMA, to dispel the phobia of maths in students. The event was judges by Mrs Bhuvaneshwari Raman, a passionate and seasoned mathematics facilitator with over 30 years of experience and Mrs Rengalakshmi Vasudevan, who has almost twenty years of academic work experience in the IBDP, ICSE, ISC, CBSE and the Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board. It was a truly enthusiastic celebration of Mathematics, a simple but effective tribute to Mr Ramanujan.

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