Singhania IBDP

Lending a helping hand to Kolhapur

Sep 03, 2019
Students, parents and teachers of St. Sulochanadevi Singha-nia School got together to contribute towards relief operations for the areas affected of western Maharashtra and Konkan region, with Kolhapur and Sangli districts bearing the maximum brunt. The deluge claimed around 58 lives in western Maharashtra. Looking at the brutality of the situation, the school decided to contact the Commissioner of Kolhapur to help restore the lives of the victim's inch back to normalcy. Together the school collected and donated essentials like - new sleep-ing mats, bed sheets, blankets; food supplies like - sugar, salt, tea, coffee, grains such as tur dal and rice, daily essentials like - toothbrush, toothpaste, washing and bathing soaps, candles, matchboxes, sanitary napkins, baby diapers. These were dispatched to the disaster-struck state after a week full of a collection of these items. The magnitude of the tragedy is immense, and the only aim of the school is to work together and support organizations and efforts towards helping Kolhapur. Our community of educators, students and parents were very keen and generous in contributing towards relief operations and we hope our small contribution helps all those in need. We pray for the people of Kolhapur and hope things get back to normal at the earliest

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