Singhania IBDP

Eventful July - IBDP

Jul 15, 2020
JULY was an eventful month at the IBDP section, as the students were involved in various activities aimed at enriching their academic experiences. The Year 1 academic session began on the 15th July and that just accelerated the momentum. A career counselling session by ‘Inspirus Education’ touched upon areas like planning their career, studying for the SAT exam and linking the students’ interests with their career goals. This was followed by another informative session by the University of British Columbia. The students were familiarised with the admission requirements, procedure and available scholarships. The Hindi and English language Faculty arranged for an activity emphasising the importance of multilingualism and vocabulary skills. The special language assemblies every Friday further corroborate the belief of our section in Multiculturalism. Recently, the IB students had the pleasure of meeting an alumnus of Singhania School, Dr. Ankur Chaturvedi, a chemical engineer. Dr. Chaturvedi is a specialist in organic process technology and has secured his Doctoral degree from the Institute of Chemical Technology. He enlightened them about the various roles of scientists and engineers involved in his field and acquainted them with the abbreviation “VUCA”, an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. He inspired the students to work towards their goals with focus and passion. Keeping in mind the current scenario, a mental health session was organised for the pupils by the Psychology facilitator, Dr. Ketki Gadre. The session intended to raise awareness and foster acceptance about our belief systems and thought processes. It was an introspective time for the students when they pondered over how, if they are not mindful of their beliefs and thoughts, they can form traps that can drive them towards negative thinking patterns.

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