Singhania IBDP

Donate organs and live beyond one lifetime

Sep 21, 2019

Lakhs of people in India die every year just waiting for Organs to be donated. Most of the educated class are unaware of the organs that can be donated. It is said one donor can save up to 8 lives. Many people are scared of donating organs due to lack of information. To enable bridge this gap in a small way we students of Singhania IBDP section organised an Organ Donation drive on Saturday 21st September. The IBDP students worked collectively with Jupiter Hospital to convince people to pledge their Organs. The drive coincided with the book exhibition that was attended by many people. Students took advantage of this fact and walked around the school in groups of 4, with a few consent forms to convince people to make a pledge to donate their Organs. We students were introduced to the nuances of organ donation in school, Dr Gaurav Chaubal briefed us about Organ Donation and the benefits, we used most of the facts he put forth to persuade potential donors. An organ donation expert from Jupiter hospital was present in school on the day of the donation drive to give a detailed explanation and answer any queries that people had. There was a presentation given in the class and a doctor from Jupiter Hospital was present, to layout necessary information about donation and the pledge. Students had to formulate cogent argument about the benefits of organ donation and its benefits. The response we got was very encouraging. There were many people who wanted to donate their organs but did not find an avenue to do so, our initiative was well appreciated.


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