Singhania IBDP

CAS Field Trip

Feb 28, 2022

The students of IBDP year 1 and 2 went for their first CAS field trip in two years. The one day educational trip was to FORGANIC FARM and was planned to give the students the opportunity for all three strands of CAS. The students first went on a trek around the farm, crossed the small river, dared the Burma Bridge and also practised some archery. They had an opportunity to see how organic farming is done. After lunch which was cooked with the fresh vegetables grown on the farm, the students started with the Lace of Love activity which gave them the opportunity to hone their creative skills along with the service motive. After a short tutorial, the students made footwear from cloth, old soles and cardboard. They were then taken to the nearby village where they visited the local school. They interacted with the children who had presented poetry on Shivaji Maharaj with great enthusiasm. Our students too sang for them. They distributed chocolates and the footwear they had prepared among the students.

It was a heartwarming experience to watch our children make friends with the young students of the village school and understand what difficulties they have to overcome in their attempt to gain education.

The entire day was extremely fulfilling and the students packed in a lot of experiences to treasure.


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