Singhania IBDP

Becoming water positive – One village at a time

Nov 29, 2019
In our endeavor to make our state water positive, a couple of year 2 students decided to undertake a sustainable rainwater harvesting project, from scratch, to replenish the underground water table. The students planned to undertake a milestone project including rainwater harvesting and solar energy conservation. To save on costs all materials were recycled. . They used old bubbletop plastic bottles for storage of water. This system could store approximately 480 liters of water during rains. This water would then be used for refilling the underground water table. This system will be autonomously controlled by a preprogrammed system. Since this would be set up in a remote village a radio transmission apparatus was also set up for error reporting and resolving. The autonomous control can be disabled and be controlled by using a command terminal.

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