Singhania IBDP

A Date with our special friends

Dec 01, 2019

Through our interaction with different people in society we realized that special kids did not have too many friends, in our endeavor to bring about a change, the IBDP year 2 students decided to befriend them. We was sure the immense patience that is required to teach them would make us better individuals. We planned on having a month long interaction during our summer break with students at the Holy Cross Special School in Thane. We had 2 sessions a week for the whole month. The sessions were truly amazing. Each one had a very beautiful experience. Teaching the children there was the most amazing experience anyone would ever have had in their life. Our job there was to assist the teacher in understanding various subjects. Each class was different from the other, it was tough at the beginning but their smiles at the end of the session made our day. We taught them counting numbers, drawing cartoons, making paper balls and boats, playing sports with them, teaching them typing and many more activities. We ended up learning a lot from these interactions. We were blessed to be given an opportunity to work with our special friends. We sure have made friends for life. We keep visiting them whenever we get a chance to do so. Wishing them all the very best for their future.


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