Singhania IBDP

TOK exhibition

Jul 18, 2022
To bring out the idea of how Theory of Knowledge, a core component of the IB curriculum, manifests in the real world, the DP 2 students put forth a unique exhibition on 18th July 2022. The uniquely titled Exhibition- ‘Abhyigya’, the wisdom seeker- aimed to answer immensely interesting and relevant Knowledge Questions, ranging from “Are somethings unknowable” to “ Is bias inevitable in the production of knowledge” and much more, above and beyond! A power packed display of 3 exhibits in the form of physical/digital objects from world around us, connected diligently to the knowledge questions brought in diverse perspectives and ideas pertaining to the core theme of the TOK curriculum- knowledge and knower as also the other themes of politics, language, technology, indigenous societies and religion. Indeed a pleasant blend of critical thinking and well-informed expression. A true manifestation of how TOK exists in the world around and within us!

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