Singhania IBDP

Gallery Walk

Dec 08, 2022
Students at Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania IB World School (DP) of IBDP Year 1, 2022-2024, exhibited a flawless Gallery Walk on 9 th December, 2022. Gallery Walk is a classroom based active learning strategy where learners are encouraged to build on their knowledge about a topic to promote higher-order thinking, interaction and cooperative learning. These learning outcomes were achieved and were at their best display when the entire cohort of Year 1 put in their research and communication skills to talk about various Body of Works concerning myriad Global Issues. Students critically analysed the magazine covers of Vogue and Times, War photography by Andrew Quilty, and Advertisements by Nike. All in pairs exchanged their ideas with the teachers and students of Year 2 and steered them through many glimpses of the Street art by Banksy, posters by WHO, speeches by Michelle Obama along with capturing the work of India’s quintessential photographer, Raghu Rai. The event reflected the ethos of IB and helped all the students of Year 1 and 2 enrich their learner profiles.

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