Singhania IBDP

ATL refresher Session

Jul 06, 2021
The IBDP department held a ‘ATL Refresher session’ for the students of Year 2 on 6th July, 2021. Approaches to learning (ATL) are deliberate strategies, skills and attitudes that permeate the teaching and learning environment. These practices support the IB belief that a large influence on a student’s education is not only through what you learn, but also how you learn. ATL skills enhance student learning and assist a student’s preparation for life even after the programme. As students were already familiar with it, this session reiterated the crucial skills which are fundamental in helping them achieve their full potential in the already challenging and personal journey that is the DP. The following ATL skills were revised: 1. Thinking skills 2. Communication skills 3. Social skills 4. Self-management skills 5. Research skills The students were reminded of adopting and utilising critical thinking, igniting creative thinking, and practising academic honesty. They were guided about managing their time and tasks effectively, and the significance of reflection was especially pointed out. Through relatable examples, the students were made to recall the importance of courtesy, mindfulness, resilience, and even emotional management. The fundamentals of information and media literacy were also discussed.

By systematically going through all the ATL skills with the students, it is expected that they realize how these fit in, so that they would use them for their own benefit. With a firm understanding of what, how and when to use the ATL skills, students learn to make a conscious effort to apply them in their studies.


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