Singhania IBDP

Language activity

Feb 01, 2022
A language activity was conducted by the IBDP year 1 students on 1st February 2021 to celebrate the diversity and distinct flavor of each language offered to the students in the school. The English, Hindi, Spanish and French faculties and students came together to organize an event which highlighted every language’s importance and uniqueness. The students worked in groups, and they chose topics which displayed the similarities and differences in Indian, French and Spanish cultures. Engaging themes such as architecture, entertainment, food, urban legends, weddings, music, fairy tales were taken up. The presentations were highly informative, yet fun. Each group presented using at least 3 languages, which ensured that all students got a chance to speak and perform. All the IB ATL skills of thinking, researching, communication, being social, and self-management were beautifully demonstrated through every group’s presentation. International mindedness was at the heart of the event, and various attributes of the IB Learner’s Profile were employed by the learners. The local and global context too, was impeccably embedded in the program. This encouraged the students to reflect, enquire, communicate and think. It also urged them to be open-minded, balanced in their views, knowledgeable and caring.

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