Singhania IBDP

Bullying Awareness campaign

Sep 06, 2022 - Sep 08, 2022
Bullying is a common phenomenon and something everyone has gone through. As we all know bullying can have an impact on the individual experiencing it like a fall in academics, lower self esteem, lack of confidence and impact on their mental health. So the Mental Health Advocacy Club at Singhania IBDP in collaboration with GirlUp Singhania decided to launch an Anti Bullying awareness campaign. This was also a part of the larger initiative of the IBDP section to create awareness about the UN SDG number 3 Good health and well being. They invited speakers from the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Healthcare. The experts were counseling psychologists from Mumbai Fortis. Day 1 was for grade 5 students with Ms. Natasha Bhatia. An important takeaway from their session was that we assumed that they are too young and the concepts and terminologies were new for them, however we were astonished to learn that children of around 10 years of age were aware about body shaming and trolling on social media. We recognize how important it is to advocate positive and prosocial behavior among children of this age. Day 2 was for grade 6 children with Ms. Hirak Patel. Students in this age/grade are in a stage of transition. Here bullying is common because of the competition around them. This bunch of students were more aware about how bullying experiences look like. The important thing they learned was how to become an upstander and not a bystander. Day 3 we had two sessions where the first group of students was addressed by the IBDP Psychology facilitator Dr. Ketki Gadre and the second group by Ms. Priyanka. Dr. Ketki through imagination explained to the students the mindset of someone who has been bullied, stressing on how that person would feel and how one can help and reach out for help. Ms. Priyanka with the other batch of students helped them understand how students should reach out for help to a teacher, parent, guardian, school counselor or an elder around. Overall it was a successful workshop because what is important in mental health advocacy is that the numbers don't matter in terms of likes and views. Even if one person was impacted you have done a good job. The awareness that was created for 1500 students across three grades has been successful in creating a difference.

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